Apply now for salary in advance & salary Advance on your phone

Mobile Salary Advance Features

1. Salary must pass through our FOSA at least 3 times, lowest of the 3 salaries is used to appraise the loan.
2. Minimum 4 guarantors Key in their mobile numbers when applying.
3. 14% Straight line interest.
4. Repayment period is 24 months or 2 years.
5. Minimum amount is Kshs 10,000.
6. Maximum amount Kshs 250,000.
7. Can top-up existing loans(both salary in advance and salary advance)
8. Recovery mode is salary (FOSA).
9. Guarantors get sms alerts and loanee confirmation sms of guarantors who have accepted to guarantee the loan.
10. All your loans should be performing to qualify.
11. Minimum deposits is Kshs 9,000 for loanee and guarantor(or equivalent of 3 recent installments)

How to Apply?

1. Type *346# on your phone and press the call button.
2. Select option 3 loans.
3. Next select option 1 loan request.
4. Next select the loan type you want.(salary in advance or salary advance)
5. Type in the amount.
6. Enter your guarantor’s phone numbers separated by commas and follow the instructions as prompted.

In case of any inquiries call our customer service number 0709943000 between 8am and 5pm
Monday to Friday.

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