Mboosta Features

o Available to all members registered with MSACCO
o Loan is available on short code*357#
o Select option no. 8 M-boosta Loan.
o Automatically approved and transferred to the customer’s Savings account.
o Maximum Loan initially pegged at 30,000/= and is based on salary affordability and repayment history.
o Loan interest is fixed at 5% recovered upfront.
o Repayment of the loan is made by one installment through our pay bill no 525200 or *357# then choose no. 3 then no. 2 Loan repayment select whether to get funds from your 1. FOSA account or 2. M-Pesa, then select loan to pay.
o You can also channel your salary through your FOSA account and have the loan recovered automatically and enjoy other affordable advances.
For further assistance please call our customer care center on 0709943000.

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